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August 2009 Beginning of IMS
In August 2009, a self funded metal distribution company was declared in Cerritos, California from ‘scratch’ by Jaymee Del Rosario. It all started in a single small room with 1 employee, a rented warehouse, and a passion. IMS quickly became an indispensable channel for raw material metals representing partnered sources worldwide.


March 2010  Joint Venture

Jay-Mee Del Rosario, Founder and CEO, partnered with Sohil Mody, VP of Operations as they planned a strategic and measured growth for IMS. “One step at a time” mentality and quickly that room in 2009 was well over capacity forcing them to relocate to a warehouse in Buena Park, California.

July 2010  Self-Sufficiency
IMS moved in to their own 1900 sq.ft. distribution warehouse in Buena Park, California and landed one of their key clients and IMS achieved to received its’ first $1 million dollars in revenue within 6 months by assisting prototype critical material supply.

November 2012  AS9100 Certified
International Metal Source was certified in 2012 for ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev.C, meeting all requirements of AS9104/1:2012. The audit was conducted by Det Norske Veritas, a global provider of accredited management system certification. IMS had maintained their certification in a good track ever since.

January 2014 – AVL
IMS was audited by, and became a qualified raw material supplier for, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) on January 2014. SpaceX recognized IMS’ top-notch quality management, company standards, risk mitigation, supply chain process and effectiveness.

June 2014 – First Award Received
IMS received their very first customer award for continued ‘On-Time Delivery and Non-Rejection’ from The Marvin Group on June 2014. This achievement illustrated the significance of IMS’ role in commerce as a leading solution provider.

2011 – 2014 Continuous Growth
Over these 4 years, IMS had developed a magnificent customer based, consisting of over 150 loyal customers. It also forged many strong coalitions with our partnered suppliers and processors all around the globe.

November 2015  Onward & Upward
IMS sustained and maintained their high standards and was recognized with its AS9100 re-certification. Though our team’s hard work, customer’s loyalty and supplier’s tireless support, IMS has reached their 6th year in business! In order to meet the ever increasing demand of their customers, IMS relocated to a much larger 5000 sq. ft facility back in Cerritos, California where it all started! This allows not only more storage space, but also enables them to address customers cries for faster lead times by bringing many services in-house. IMS proudly began offering in-house grinding, with the purchase of a Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder.

2015-2016  Expansion of In-House Services
IMS is excited to announce that they will soon provide Heat Treating and Lab Testing to their in-house services! In order to provide our customers with the fastest lead time, and better pricing, IMS will be purchasing heat treat furnaces and lab testing equipment as well as hiring top-notch personnel to oversee these operations.

2016-June 2017 360 Capabilities
IMS received a 3 year contract to assist and produce the building of the 900 satellites of the OneWeb constellation, which will offer high-speed internet with global coverage. IMS also brought in heat treating furnace and Hardness Testing calibrated to exceed the specification of our clients. IMS is scheduled to be NADCAP audited in August 2017. IMS also purchased a 2D Laser Cutting to further reduced lead time on our current contracts. Moreover, we constructed a temperature humidity and particulate controlled lab for orders that require the highest quality standards and also to store contract parts that are kept in stock for multi year contracts. 

2020 Partnership w/ Superior Die Set Corporation

IMS is honored to represent Superior Die Set Corporation’s (SDSC, Wisconsin) wide array of
product mix, which is objectively aimed at providing essential tooling needs for the California’s
“just in time” (JIS) demands.  This partnership will allow IMS to be the gateway front sale intermediary for SDSC west
coast leads, which would allow for more efficacy on both cost, realization, and quality relation.
SDSC’s product line stretched out to a greater width and depth, encompassing ready to use
standard, fabricated, and fully machined die set components, which are recently onboarded as
IMS’ auxiliary product line. IMS is truly excited for this partnership and collaboration.

2020-2021 Our Pandemic Year & Human Launch Capability SpaceX's Award

Here, IMS reflect on the lessons it learned from the global pandemic of Covid-19. The pandemic resulted in economic fallout for many that caused significant hardship. The company have learned that there is plenty of opportunity during pandemic. It was wise that any decision making and investment made was pandemic-proof therefore the result can be amplified even during a bad economy. 

IMS also received a supplier award from Space Exploration Technologies for being part of the historic return of a human launch capability on U.S. rocket and capsule. The launch was on May 20, 2020, where NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Doug Hurley aboard the Space X Crew Dragon capsule on a Falcon rocket. 

2022-Future  Improve Industry
IMS' software programmers are working on a advanced logistic calculators for real time pricing and tracking on material processing. IMS is continuously striving for growth and improvement, as a result, the company is excited to announce the procurement of new machines such as CNC Milling, Heat Treating, Additional Blanchard Grinding, Non Destructive Testing and Water Jet Cutting.

(Read Newsletter under events/news)

IMS will also achieve the most stringent end user specifications such as; LMA,BAC etc. to meet customer requirements through Nadcap. As we move forward we are excited that you, our customer, will be able to benefit from our success.

2023- Max Industries LLC acquired International Metal Source

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